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So if you haven’t heard yet, we bought a house in the country. There’s a septic tank, a well, a shed that’s nearly the size of the actual house, and at least 50 acres of woods behind our 4 acres. It’s been a dream come true for us to be out here, and so we’ve taken to getting to know our neighbors hoping some of their sage country ways will rub off on us when it comes time to start our garden or get animals (which Avery is fully on board with as you’ll see in the photos below.). 

One of our neighbors across the state line in South Carolina is North Corner Haven. They are a family owned and operated farm founded by the Dooley family. The farm focuses on permaculture and sustainable farming practices selling their products in places like Reids Fine Foods while also opening their 600+ acres up to visitors. Most recently, they have begun hosting weddings on the property–the first of which was one of their own family members’ weddings which, to me, makes their venue that much more special. It’s truly been a family establishment that has opened their farm for others to enjoy.

In mid-February, North Corner Haven hosted an open house. I had reached out to Catherine Dooley, their marketing and events director, several weeks ago to introduce myself and let her know we lived nearby and also loved what North Corner Haven was about. Through that conversation we ended up coming on board to take photos for their open house. So, on Saturday, we packed up our little family and headed out. We had explained to Avery that we were going to go meet some new friends and take photos and that she was going to get to go to work with us for the first time. She was very excited about going to work with us this time as we have to leave her with a babysitter on wedding days because it’s not often that a 2 year old will make a good guest at a black tie wedding nor would we get any work done. However, this event was different, so we headed off with the promise that there would be snacks to see and goats to pet!

After passing through their entrance, we drove maybe a mile down their gravel driveway through beautiful land passing by pigs, beehives, and a little lake. Their venue is nestled on the top of a hill overlooking pastureland which is where everything was located. Several other local vendors and food trucks were there as well. We got to explore the buildings and grounds and then headed to what would turn out to be Avery’s favorite part.

From talking to Catherine, I knew there would be goats, but I had no idea we were actually going to be able to get in the fence with the goats, but we did, and I’m pretty sure that was the best thing Avery has done in her entire 2.5 years on this planet. The photos below pretty much speak for themselves as to how much fun we had and now I’m pretty sure Avery thinks we’re going to run around with goats every time we tell her we’re going to work in the future.

A huge thanks to the Dooley Family for opening up their venue for everyone to check out. Everyone on the North Corner Haven team was so kind and welcoming. We’re really looking forward to being able to shoot there more in the future because it’s a beautiful, versatile space, but it’s really about more than that. Plenty of venues can be beautiful, but North Corner Haven also has the added benefit that it is a family owned space with a history. It adds to the charm and welcoming atmosphere and really resonates with why we moved out here in the first place.  We wanted to connect with people and learn more about simple, sustainable living. So, scroll down a bit to see a little of the venue and also, please note Avery’s goat hug because I’m pretty sure we’ve seriously discussed buying a couple goats based on this little trip. Ha! 


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“Chris and Rachel were an absolute dream
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