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#fridayintroductions brought to you by Rachel!

1. I ran away from school when I was in 1st grade. Like, put on my backpack, calmly walked out the front doors, got pretty far down a busy road, and got picked up BY A STRANGER who drove me home. True story. I was 6.
2. I met one of my best friends at Office Max. We were both waiting for copies and bonded over the smell of ink + toner, found out we were both teachers and now she can’t get rid of me.
3. I never meet a stranger. Ever. I feel like if you’re in the same aisle as me at the grocery store, we are basically spirit animals. Oh, you like Funfetti, too? Let’s make a cake and eat it together. I embarrass Chris on a regular basis.
4. I love Snapchat. After I put Avery to bed, I grab a glass of wine or coffee and LORD HELP the people that get my snaps. Anyone else miss the grumpy face filter? Yeah, me too.
5. 👍🏻: OPI Cajun Shrimp. Cheesecake Factory. Hairspray. YouTube.
6. 👎🏻: Red Wine. The Dark. Gravy.