Charlotte Wedding Photographer | Rachel’s Favorite Moments 2017


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It’s here! I get to share my favorite photos from 2017! This is hands down my favorite thing I get to do. I’ve been working on this post for weeks because I just love it that much. It’s going back through all of the art we’ve created and picking the best of the best and sharing that all over again!

When I say best of the best, I don’t mean perfect– perfectly posed or perfectly lit or whatever people think perfect images look like.  I think after the first few years photographing weddings, I learned to give up the idea of perfection and embrace moments. So, my best of the best are collections of moments– moments with emotion, moments with movement, moments of objects frozen in time.

Now, if you’re wondering if I have a moment that I consider my absolute favorite from 2017, I’d have to say that it’s the photo above. It was a split second decision to throw my camera up to see what I could catch, and I had no idea until I began editing through photos what had been captured. As soon as I saw it, I was in love with it.  It was a moment with all of the things I love– motion, emotion, a flurry of activity.

Below, you’ll find more of my favorite moments from 2017. We’ve enjoyed capturing our couples’ moments so much this year, and are looking forward to what 2018 holds. You can also check out our 2016 favorites here.