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Looking back over a year’s worth of photographs both amazes and humbles me.  I’ll explain the humbling part in a second, but first let me tell you why it amazes me.  After taking thousands of photos at a wedding and experiencing all the moments and emotions of that day, there’s a closeness to the moments. There is no distance as you’re photographing, and we’ve actually found ourselves tearing up on wedding days at the moments that are unfolding before us. Instead of looking at the image, we’re thinking about that moment.

After a few weeks or months, you’ve had time to step back from that. You might forget little details. The emotion of those moments subsides. So, you take a second look at the photographs as an objective viewer, and it’s amazing to see these photographs and know that you captured it.  These beautiful moments in time were captured forever because of something you did.

And that’s the humbling part. We’re trusted to capture people’s wedding days. These are monumental days that will become memories for two entire families. We’re trusted to be there, and we’re trusted to preserve those memories for them. I’m blown away that we get to do that.

I hope you enjoy the photos that I’ve selected as a few favorite images from 2017 as much as we enjoyed making them.