Charlotte Product Photographers | Behind the Scenes

While working on some e-commerce product photography this week, I decided to do some “behind the scenes” shots of my studio just for fun. It’s not glamorous by any means, but it gets the job done. Plus I thought it would be interesting for all of my fellow camera geeks out there.

My Product Photography Table Set-up:

2x- collapsable saw horses = $50 on Amazon

1x -sheet of Lexan 48x36x0.093 in clear acrylic plexiglass = $68 at Lowes

4x- 320w B800 Alien Bee strobe lights + 3x Paul C. Buff softboxes =  Check current prices on the Alien Bee website

1x- White photography backdrop paper = $50 on Amazon

I use foam core board to bounce light or block light when needed, and I’ll add in a Canon speedlite when needed to even out things.

Currently, I’m shooting between 200-500 products a week on the set up. It works pretty well. I’m looking to add two DIY Keno florescent lights to my kit for larger products and for photographing people in studio. I love DIYing!

Below are a few samples images of my work. Click Here to see my entire E-commerce Product Photography Portfolio.