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Friday Introductions | By Rachel | Charlotte Photographers

#fridayintroductions brought to you by Rachel! 1. I ran away from school when I was in 1st grade. Like, put on my backpack, calmly walked out the front doors, got pretty far down a busy road, and got picked up BY A STRANGER who drove me home. True story. I was 6. 2. I met...

Avery Elizabeth | 6 Month Portraits

It’s a snow day here in Charlotte and we’ve been cooped up in the house for 2 days now. Needless to say, we’re a little bored…lol. So, we’ve taken to photographing our baby nugget today to help alleviate our boredom. I do think these were worth the effort! I didn’t know what happiness was until I...

Rachel’s Favorite Images from 2016

Every year we get to help families prepare for, enjoy, and remember so many special moments, and the honor of that is not lost on us. We are truly grateful to be able to help families remember their important moments because we are invited in to watch it unfold. We get to be part of...

How to Connect with the Scene | Behind the Lens

I believe that a good photograph has more to do with how the image makes you feel than what camera or settings were used to capture it. With all of the technology advances in 2016, it’s easier than ever to make a great capture. I mean, no-one is making bad cameras anymore. One company that has...

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Chris and Rachel were an absolute
dream to work with!


“Chris and Rachel were an absolute dream
to work with! I had them do my bridal
portraits and my wedding. The pictures were
breathtaking!! Chris is extremely talented
and is able capture the best moments. I
highly recommend hiring them!!”

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