Best Locations for Charlotte Engagement Pictures

5 Locations for Engagement Photos in Charlotte:


Fisher Farm Park



Your Home (!)

Our last post was a pretty heavy one were we talked about our biggest wedding regret. So, we thought we’d keep it light this week and share a few locations we love for engagement photos in Charlotte!

As we were putting together this first set of engagement photo locations, we realized they all have one thing in common; they all have a variety of backgrounds in one location.  That is HUGE! Instead of spending our time driving to different locations, we get to spend that time taking pictures.



I know. We’re starting a post about Charlotte engagement session locations with a different city, but just go with it. We love Davidson– and not just for engagement sessions. We love the overall vibe of the town from the college to Main Street. We’ll even brave the rush hour traffic to make it over there on a Friday night, and if you know Charlotte, that’s saying a lot.

The reason we love Davidson for pictures is because there are a variety of locations to choose from. If you’re having a hard time choosing between an urban space vs. a green space, you don’t really have to choose with Davidson. You can have both, and it gives the session more variety when you look at the photos as a whole afterward. And because of the variety of backgrounds, you can make it work whether you want the session to be formal or casual.

Fisher Farm Park

Fisher Farm is really a location that we combine with our Davidson engagement sessions. It’s about 10 minutes from Downtown Davidson. Depending on the time of year when you go, it can have really tall grass or shorter grass so that’s something that you might want to consider. We love ending a session here when the sun is just about to go down. It has a really moody vibe!

Uptown Charlotte

Alright. We’re finally in Charlotte.  Uptown is another location we love due to the variety of spaces to shoot in. It can go formal or casual and has tons of nooks to shoot in, and we’ve really never had a problem with there being tons of people around.


Three words: Food Truck Friday. Yep. We love shooting around all the great locations in Southend. When we’re wrapping up the shoot? We head to the food trucks to take a few more pictures date night style.  It’s super fun, and if you’re the type of couple that likes to go out around Charlotte, it’s a natural place to head to for a few engagement photos.

Your Home

Yep. Your home. We love being home. We love the space we’ve created and live in. We love quiet Saturday mornings while Avery plays, and we drink coffee. And we loud Friday nights when friends come over for pizza and games. When we document our life in pictures, its at our house. So, why not shoot a few engagement photos at your house? You don’t have to do the entire session there, but you can take a few! It’s a place where you can feel the most natural and get a few shots of your everyday life. The bonus is that your four legged friends can even make an appearance!

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