Are you planning a summer wedding?

Are you in the middle of planning a summer wedding? I’m sure you’ve got about a million things rolling around in your head, but we thought we’d throw out a few ideas you might not have thought about that will help you get the best pictures possible! And they might make your bridal party love you even more!

Right off the bat, I’m going to say that this post is based on our location in North Carolina or really anywhere in the Southeast, and we’re going to talk sunlight and heat.  We’re completely in love with the Carolinas being that we are both natives, but being natives, we’ve also been through each and every glorious summer that the climate has bestowed upon us. And if you’ve ever been lucky enough to experience the Southeast during the summer, you will probably never forget the sultry, warm summer weather either!

Weddings in the summer are gorgeous, and we love them! We do tons of them because summer is a hugely popular time to get married.  So, we’re here to give you a few tips you might not have thought of from our perspective as photographers so that you can stay (mostly) sweat-free and get the best pictures possible!

What if I’m sweaty in my pictures?

There’s no way around it. We get some scorchers around here, and we also get the humidity. Even just walking from a car to a venue can cause those little beads of sweat to start accumulating. It happens to brides. It happens to grooms. And it happens to the bridal party. Guys are in long sleeves. The bride is usually in a heavier, floor length dress that doesn’t allow much air flow.

Two other things also happen during a wedding that add to sweating: nerves and being in a hurry. If you and your friends are rushing to get from place to place, everyone is going to be a little bit more on edge and they are going to sweat from rushing. These things show up in pictures no matter if your wedding is in December or July. You just have to plan ahead to minimize the effects.  Here are a few things for you to think about:

  • Can you move portrait time to a cooler part of the day?
  • Can you build in extra time so that you have buffer time to cool down before an important moment (i.e. ceremony, first look, reception intros, etc.)?
  • Do you care if the groomsmen wear jackets during the photos? Shedding that one long sleeve layer might help a lot!
  • You definitely CAN bring something to help you dry off– something to fan yourself with or a cloth to wipe your face.

We will say that given the choice we will choose outdoor portraits 99.99% of the time. Summer can be challenging, but totally doable and you’ll love your pictures afterward! You just have to plan ahead and be realistic about temperatures.

Is my hair going to last all day?

Another thing to think about with heat and humidity is hair. If you’ve read our about me section, you know that I’m a hair girl. And this hair girl knows that humidity can be a hair killer. Can be. That doesn’t mean it has to be. You just need to think about a few things in advance:

  • If you’re wearing your hair curled (and it’s normally straight), ask your stylist what to expect as the day goes on.
  • If you’re wearing your hair straight (and it’s normally curly), ask your stylist what to expect as the day goes on.
  • Think about your own expectations for your hair. Communicate these with your hair stylist so they can best steer you in the best direction for your hair type.

What is the best time of day for summer portraits?

Lighting is huge for pictures. Most of the time we end up doing bridal party pictures during the middle of the day when the lighting isn’t our favorite. The sun is full on blazing hot and sending out really harsh light. Not only are people harshly lit, people are also usually squinting.  Most of us don’t look great squinting. It’s just a fact.

There’s a pretty easy fix to this though! Just look for a shady spot to shoot bridal party pictures in if needed.  Definitely talk to your photographer about their opinion on best places to shoot in and don’t forget that shade moves around during the day. Places in shade at 10 am, may not be in shade at 3 pm.

There’s no need to completely cancel all photos during the middle of the day.  That’s completely unrealistic.  Just plan ahead and talk to your photographer about where they think the best lighting can be found.

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