About Our Prints

“Photographs are not meant to live on a screen. They should be freed from their plastic prisons of pixels to live free through the wild mariage of ink and paper. For only when a photograph is freed can it truly be enjoyed.”

We have a passion for helping people see the value in the printed photograph. We believe that the true beauty of community and art gets lost in our fast passed electronic world. It’s so easy to bypass real human relationship for a virtual connection. Real relationships are full of ups and downs; while we only market the smiles and laughter in the online network.

We believe that printed pictures loose something in value when they never make it off the screen. Sure you can hold a smartphone in your hand and scroll through hundreds of pictures, but the experience can be so much more robust and meaningful when you’re focused on a single image. You’re forced to interact with it. Inspect it. Relate to it.

I’ve gotten lost in an image from time to time and it’s always a magical experience. It’s good to stop and imagine what a the person in the photograph must have been feeling at the time. Or to imagine what the sun must have felt like or the sea breeze must have smelled like.

The point is… A enjoying a single print effects us. It can even teach us something about ourselves.

About Our Prints

We have an exclusive partnership with Miller’s Professional Imaging to do all of our printing. Miller’s has been in business for over 75 years and is known for producing the highest quality prints and leading the photo lab industry in innovative products. We’ve chosen our partnership with Miller’s because they have fair pricing, have a passion for high quality, and for truly carry about customer satisfaction.

We offer quality prints, canvas wraps, metal and glass prints, and photo albums. Prints are usually turned around in 5-10 business days and ship 1 day Fedex from Columbia, SC.

How do I order prints from you?

We like to keep things simple for our clients. Our prints are available directly from your online

photo collection. There you can choose from custom prints packages, canvas wraps, coffee table books, and many other great options available.

The best thing about printing from your online collection is the quality of final product. We upload all uncompressed images to your collection. This may be several hours of upload time for us, but is totally worth the effort when it comes to the final product! More file data means better images.

Do you offer photo albums?

Yes. We have two product lines available:

1. Signature Storybook Albums. The are custom designed albums by us.
2. Coffee Table Books. These are client designed books directly on the online gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Chris and Rachel were an absolute
dream to work with!


“Chris and Rachel were an absolute dream
to work with! I had them do my bridal
portraits and my wedding. The pictures were
breathtaking!! Chris is extremely talented
and is able capture the best moments. I
highly recommend hiring them!!”

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