30 Weeks | Rachel’s Maternity

We spend so much time photographing others that we tend to neglect taking the time to document our own memories. It’s so bad that we’ve been living in our home for 3 years and still have walls with nothing on them. We just can’t decide what to hang up! We joke about just putting of our favorites from weddings, but that may be a little awkward to explain when we have visitors. So we just leave the walls blank… It also doesn’t help that we would prefer to be behind the camera then in front of it.

This weekended we decided to put an end to it all and just do it because it’s important to do. Our little girl is coming (fast!) and life just seems to speed up. Everything is speeding by at age 30 and if we don’t stop to record the important moments then we just won’t have anything to reflect back on. Anyway, we decided to do a quick session in Rachel’s parent’s back yard on Sunday morning so that we could have something to remember the pregnancy. It was a quick session but here’s a few of our favorites.