2013 Travels | Revisited

With the entry of a new year- 2014, I’ve found myself reviewing quite a bit of my past work. I think it’s healthy to asses our past successes and failures because it helps us to see how we’ve grown as individuals. As a professional photographer, I’m passionately seeking ways to create better images and capture moments that no one would have ever expected to be beautiful. In 2013, my wife and I had the opportunity to travel some for the first time since we’ve been married (i.e. Washington DC, Mexico’s Mayan Ruins, Grand Cayman, Key West, Florida, and NC). I love to travel! Traveling lets me not only go somewhere I’ve not been before, it lets me see and experience life outside of my little bubble here in NC. I love learning new cultures, trying new foods, experiencing new beautiful places.

With that said, I recently spent a few weeks weeding through my back-stock of images. What I found was that I loved even more of the images than I originally picked out as my “favorites!” It’s so cool looking back at my work, almost a year later, and having one of those “Holy crap that is an amazing shot! I can’t believe that I took that image!?” moments! Since I’ve just found all of these images again, I decided to completely rework some of the images to convey the new feelings and emotions that I felt getting to look back on our trips.

All images were edited using VSCO Film packs 03 & 04.